QUILLOW Example:


STEP 1: Flat, Open Quilt

Here's the  Open Quilt - this example is a Highly Quilted (significant detail), which would be a Premium (much higher) price.  The Standard Price includes Very Basic Quilting.


STEP 2: Fold into Thirds, Then Fourths...

Start by Folding the Width, then the Length...


STEP 3: Tuck Quilt Inside Pocket & Fluff Pillow

Turn the Pocket (like a Pillow Case) Inside Out, as You Tuck the Folded Quilt Inside, Then, Fluff!  


I Do Not Make PLANKETS: Only 1 or sometimes 2 Layers - Non-Quilted, with an attached Pillowcase - You Can Generally Find Them for $40 - $60.

A Basic FLEECE Blanket That Folds into Itself to Become a Pillow; often Only 1-2 LAYER/S Total, Not Quilted, No Batting.


QUILLOW: **Yes, I Make These!! (Cotton orCotton Blend)= 3 LAYERS [1 or More Pieces sewn Together to Create the Top; MODERATELY QUILTED to the Bottom, With Batting in between] & Pocket - $75 (single panels, tied with yarn knots - not quilted) Up To - $165 (several pieces for the Top, Nice Stitch Design).

Top, Batting, & Bottom, Most Often COTTON...

I also make 3 LAYER FLEECE BLANKETS: Both Sides Fleece, or 1 Fleece & 1 Cotton or Flannel with Batting in between [& Very Lightly Quilted]. approx. 60 x 44" = $65

Often Fleece, but, may also be 1 Layer of Fleece & 1 Layer of Cotton, Flannel, or Any Combination (with Batting in between & Limited Quilting).